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Our all-in-one identity monitoring and insurance platform. For Digital Safety.

MiIdentity offers coverage to individuals for cyber and in-person events that result in loss of income. We put money in the pockets of your customers and members so they can secure and restore their identities fast.

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Proactive Dark Web and Credit Bureau monitoring.

MiIdentity monitors the Dark Web for listings of registered data and Credit Bureaus for suspicious financial activity, facilitating prevention of identity theft and financial fraud.

Real-time alerts and advice.

Users are sent alerts when their registered data is found on the Dark Web or potentially fraudulent financial activity is discovered. MiIdentity provides detailed information and empowers users to safeguard their identities through its comprehensive advisory platform.

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Instant payment triggers for identity restoration and money loss.

Insurance triggers take care of individuals that suffer monetary loss as a result of compromised identity or financial data. This could be to cover the cost of replacing a stolen passport or reimbursing lost funds after a fraudulent transaction.

Our Digital Identity trigger powers MiIdentity’s micro insurance component.

Coverage for individuals includes Identity Restoration and Money Loss. Inconvenience payments enable people to secure their identities fast.

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Empowering corporate data breach recovery.

MiIdentity isn’t just for your customers. The robust monitoring service is a vital tool as part of a full-scale response to a corporate data hack. Post-breach reports can be used to measure the fallout in real time, enabling your company’s response team to track the severity of the breach and arm them with crucial data to help recovery. 

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