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Our short-term loss of income solution.

MiIncome offers coverages to individuals for events that cause immediate loss of income or monetary outlay. We put money in your customers pockets so they can keep on top of essential expenses and debts.

Involuntary Unemployment.

Short-term loss of income coverage for employed individuals in the event of becoming involuntarily unemployed. Inconvenience payments provide a safety net while individuals find new employment.

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Resilience (for Natural Hazards).

Designed to help individuals bounce back when their ability to earn income is disrupted by a natural hazard event, such as a storm or flood.

Accident & Health.

Short-term inconvenience payments ensure people can keep on top of their essential outgoings when injured or unwell, while income benefits for the family of deceased individuals help pay outstanding debts.

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Rent Default & Deposit.

Safeguarding landlords against loss of rental income, expenses due to malicious tenant property damage, and associated loss mitigation expenses such as tenant eviction legal fees.

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Identity Monitoring & Restoration.

MiIdentity™, our all-in-one identity monitoring and insurance platform, offers coverage to individuals for cyber and in-person identity-related events that result in loss of income. We support your customers and members so they can quickly secure and restore their identities.

Travel Inconvenience.

Protection for financial loss as a result of travel disruption beyond travellers’ control. Inconvenience payments help with incurred costs such as new connection tickets, alternative travel, accommodation, and food and drink.

Flight delay. Trip interruption. Cancellation. Passports and IDs. We help keep journeys on track.

Goods Transit & Delivery.

Service guarantee for goods moved via rated and validated logistics and courier companies. Inconvenience payments are provided for goods that are damaged during transit or undelivered, if the handler does not solve the problem.

Porch Package Piracy.

Coverage for delivered packages left within sight of a covered IoT device, such as a security camera or smart doorbell. Inconvenience payments are triggered to replace the package when a theft occurs.

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Protection for technological products. Accidental damage of defined components or mechanical failure in absence of any visible physical damage, theft, and extended warranty.

Mobile phones. IoT devices. Point of sale (POS) devices. Cameras. Drones. Watches. The tech possibilities are endless.

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IoT Device.

Protection linked to IoT devices beyond mobile handsets, such as sensors, doorbells, and smart watches, that monitor buildings and people for specific incidents. We provide payments to mitigate damages and monetary loss up to a defined limit.

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Protections for various forms of transport including personal and ride sharing vehicles, in cases of damage or theft of the whole vehicle or individual components. Inconvenience payments help toward the cost of repairing a vehicle or replacement.

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