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Our loss of income solution. For Financial Inclusion, Health, and Climate Change.

MiIncome offers coverages to individuals for events that cause loss of income, such as sudden unemployment or health reasons. We put money in people’s pockets so they can keep on top of essential expenses and debts.

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Loss of income coverage for full- and part-time employed individuals in the event of becoming involuntarily unemployed. Short term inconvenience payments provide a safety net while individuals find new employment.


Coverage for loss of income due to injury, sickness or death. Inconvenience payments ensure people can keep on top of their essential outgoings, and income benefits for the family of deceased individuals help pay outstanding debts.

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Designed to help individuals bounce back when faced with situations that affect their ability to earn. Covering events such as disruptive weather like a storm or flood, missed transit, or when caring for a sick family member.

Rent & Deposit Protection.

Safeguarding landlords against loss of rental income, expenses due to malicious tenant property damage, and associated loss mitigation expenses such as tenant eviction legal fees.

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