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For personal finance

Our MiIncome packages offer coverages to individuals for events that cause disruptions to their cash flows, whether it’s lost income or an inability to repay a loan. We put money in the pockets of your customers, members and employees so they can get back to earning.

MiIncome Triggers

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Lost income (resilience) coverage for individuals in the event of being unable to work or becoming involuntarily unemployed.

Coverage: Loss of income as a result of a covered event or trigger or expenses incurred by an individual to mitigate their loss; with individuals receiving a flat inconvenience payment or lump sum paid monthly for a defined number of months.

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Repayment coverage in the event that customer has a loan that cannot be repaid due to injury, sickness or death.

Coverage: In event of sickness or injury (credit health component) loan instalment is paid for on behalf of customer to make sure they do not miss payment. In event of death (credit life component), outstanding loan amount is paid protecting the customer’s family.

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A suite of coverages designed to help individuals bounce back when life happens, our resilience coverages help your company, employees, and their families rebound from a harmful event.

Coverage: Support against disruptive weather events like a storm or flood, missed transit, or wage cover when caring for a sick family member.

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