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MIC Global and The Plateau Group partner with Leap Financial to deliver digital medical expense protection in the USA

MIC Global, The Plateau Group, and Leap Financial logos

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES (July 5, 2023) – MIC Global and The Plateau Group are partnering with Leap Financial to provide Leap’s digital protection product, covering up to $1,000 of individuals’ expenses in the event of a trip to a medical facility. This new embedded micro insurance solution gives Leap customers timely reimbursement benefits, mitigating concerns when paying for healthcare.

MIC Global is committed to creating embedded micro insurance products that take care of people, with its MiIncome digital reinsurance solution dedicated to protecting personal finance. Partnerships like this give people convenient access to simple, relevant benefits and peace of mind to look after their health without worrying about financial burdens.

Jamie Crystal, Co-Founder and CEO, MIC Global says:

“Our successful partnership with The Plateau Group begins with Leap Financial. With a shared vision of empowering individuals with comprehensive financial and healthcare tools, we enable h.way customers to put their health before finance by offering a convenient blend of banking and healthcare benefits that truly puts the customer first.”

Leap Financial’s platform, h.way, benefits its customers with financial products and services that bring economic prosperity through cash-back, savings, and early payment schemes. To further help their customers, Leap sought to offer payments to cover bills for a range of standard medical procedures, including blood and urine tests, broken limbs and stitches, prescribed medications, and radiography procedures. Once subscribed to a Plan, h.way customers get the assurance that they will have cash in their pockets to help cover their unforeseen medical expenses so that they may recover much more comfortably.

Marcela Henao, Co-Founder, Leap Financial, concludes:

“We are thrilled to partner with MIC Global and The Plateau Group to further enhance the value that our h.way Monarca Plus account offers h.way customers. In addition to providing coverage of up to $1,000 for medical expenses, this specific h.way account tier offers additional benefits beyond medical emergencies, such as no maintenance fees, no minimum balance required, early payday, and cash-back on international money transfers—all within an FDIC-protected account. These advantages are highly valued by our Hispanic consumers.”

The Plateau Group is an insurance holding company that provides insurance solutions to the financial services industry and their customers. MIC Global delivers their MiIncome digital reinsurance product to Leap through a partnership with The Plateau Group.

Joe Melendez, CEO, The Plateau Group says:

“Plateau is proud to strengthen its dedication to providing modern, seamlessly integrated, and accessible digital financial protection solutions through its strategic partnerships with MIC Global and Leap Financial. By supporting Leap’s distinctive range of essential healthcare tools, we are taking our commitments to the next level, and we are thrilled to deepen our longstanding partnership with MIC Global in the process.  We eagerly anticipate empowering Leap customers with timely and simple protection solutions that will make a meaningful difference”

MIC and Plateau support Leap Financial’s tech-enabled offering with opportune benefits in h.way customers’ time of need. This is ensured by MiCology, a part of the MIC Group of companies, which powers the tech behind Mi Income with AI-driven processing for optimum assessment and settlement, integrated via API into Leap’s platform.

About MIC Global:

MIC Global is a full stack digital microinsurance company that provides embedded microinsurance for today’s digital world. MIC Global combines insurance capacity, in-country insurance licenses, world class distribution, and scalable tech. MIC Global creates embedded microinsurance solutions for platform companies that adds value by enhancing their brand, differentiating their product, driving up revenue, and attracting and retaining customers.

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About The Plateau Group:

The Plateau Group are a US based insurance holding company who specialize in credit insurance, service contracts, and other loan related products. Plateau market, manufacture, administer and reinsure products tailored to the needs of their customers.

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About Leap Financial:

Leap Financial is a technology service provider. Leap enables financial and non-financial institutions to leverage financial services. Leap offers a proprietary cloud-based financial platform for a digital wallet, instant issuing, cross-border payments, payment facilitation (acquiring), P2P Payments, and more, including regulatory compliance on CIP, AML, OFAC, and BSA.

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