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Our Solution

A full stack microinsurance service combining innovative products, underwriting, technology and global distribution. Making insurance more accessible for new and emerging everyday risks.

We design simple, affordable products relevant to people’s needs.

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We live in a physical and digital world, continuously interacting with people and devices. We protect your identities against malicious actors.

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Protection for lost income

We understand micro and small business. Whether you’re a taxi driver, freelancer or influencer, we put cash in your pocket when your income is interrupted.

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Protection for life’s aggravations

When stuff happens – whether your flight is delayed or you damage your phone – we put money in your pocket so you can deal with it.

Underwriting Capacity backed by Lloyd’s and MIC Re

We offer embedded microinsurance globally

MIC offers companies highly relevant, affordable, underwritten embedded micro insurance products which can easily be added into business’ existing digital processes. This accelerates the delivery of microinsurance products when and where customers need them, allowing them to gain access to cover that is not readily available through traditional insurance methods.

With underwriting capacity through our Lloyd’s Syndicate 5183 and MIC Re in Anguilla, we are able to offer microinsurance to global partners, accommodating projects of all sizes and scope.

Lloyd's Syndicate 5183 ratings
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Embedded Micro Insurance Technology from MIC Global

Built in weeks, not months

With MiConnect, your system will be operational faster than ever.

Long development times are a thing of the past – our low code technology platform is comprised of all the key parts needed for a high-volume insurance platform. This allows MIC to configure each Partner build purposefully to deliver fast, scalable, secure, embedded micro insurance services. In-house teams based in India and the UK, delivering global solutions.

Low Code — Configured for Business — High Volume — Fast, Scalable, Secure

Simple Claims, Happy Customers

Low code platform enables easy integration with customer platforms

Speed also comes to claims handling: with our machine learning powered digital claims process, your customers can have money in their pocket faster.

Once a claim is raised, our machine progresses the claim from first notification to settlement, calling in real-world back up where necessary. And the more claims handled, the smarter our machine becomes. All monitored with real-time dashboards so you can keep track of all the data relevant to your business – embedded microinsurance in action!

We’re Ready. We’re Global.

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Let’s Talk

We’d love to hear about your business and your needs. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Let’s Build

We custom design an embedded micro insurance product for your needs within a matter of weeks.

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Insure your customers’ needs easier than ever before. Your system has our complete support!