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MIC Global and MotiSure partner to deliver digital Mobility Insurance

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NAIROBI, KENYA (July 7, 2021) – MIC Global (MIC) and MotiSure are partnering to deliver a digital mobility insurance dubbed ‘MotiSure’.

In Kenya, road accidents are responsible for 3,000 fatalities and over 10,000 injuries every year. In fact, in 2020, road accidents accounted for 46% of the total deaths in Kenya. That number has risen from previous years – it was 26% in 2015.

As a result, MIC and MotiSure have partnered to create a new insurance product, Motisure, which will cover travelers and drivers during trips by embedding insurance into the cost of the trip. This will ensure passengers, drivers, and ride-sharers are covered in cases of death, disability, or hospitalization resulting from road accidents.

Our partnership’s first roll out of this solution will be through BuuPass, an online ticketing platform that has on-boarded all the major bus companies in the country.

By joining forces, MotiSure, MIC, and BuuPass are providing much needed protection to drivers, riders, and travelers by cushioning them against the unavoidable risks they face on the road, so when disaster strikes, they are able to bounce back swiftly.

MIC brings to the partnership its comprehensive trajectory and track record providing microinsurance, which MotiSure will leverage to distribute insurance products to its customers.

Ms. Wairimu Njoki, VP Operations, MIC Global East Africa, says:

“We are very pleased to be introducing this innovative mobility solution that will increase the protection of all Kenyans as they move about the country. Our goal is to provide insurance to the under/unserved population through innovative need-based solutions. Thus, we are happy to be working with like-minded partners like MotiSure and BuuPass to help achieve this.”

Joel Macharia, Co-founder of MotiSure, adds:

“We care deeply about providing affordable, flexible and on-demand insurance to the millions of people who really need it. We want all Kenyans to have the peace of mind knowing they can go about their business while being insured and not burden their families in the event of an accident. We are excited about our partnership with Micro Insurance Company (formerly MicroEnsure) and BuuPass to push this aspect of financial inclusion to the masses. We look forward to other like-minded organizations joining us and we work to bring more people to the insured side.”

For more information, please contact Micro Insurance Company by emailing Wairimu Njoki at or visiting


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