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What do we mean? : Digital

MIC Global is a Full Stack Digital Insurance Company. Let’s take a deep dive into what Digital microinsurance means for MIC…


Our digital-first approach utilizes our low-code technologies with advanced automation and machine learning capabilities, so we are able to process and pay claims faster than ever.

Illustration of people working server and making claims on devices
Illustration of product specification on sheets of paper beside software mock ups on screens

“Process Modelling”

This first step is an essential part of moving to a digital organisation. We work with companies to gather requirements and map out the processes that will be built into their system.

“Product Design”

Our low code technology platform is comprised of all the key parts needed for a high-volume insurance platform. This allows MIC to configure each Partner build purposefully to deliver fast, scalable, secure, insurance services.

Illustration of tiny people working on devices
Illustration of cloud with servers inside

“Cloud Hosting”

Once configured, applications and APIs are deployed to the cloud, allowing for reliable speed and connections without the need for on-site servers.

“Machine Learning” &
“Advanced Automation”

Our low code technology comes with machine learning capability built-in. As activities are performed, our machine learns and is able to automate parts of the process, freeing up valuable resource to focus on other parts of the process.

Illustration of head shape with cogs forming a brain

Let’s Talk

We’d love to hear about your business and your needs. Contact us to see how we can help you increase revenue and improve KPIs by using embedded microinsurance products to attract and retain customers and service providers.