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What do we mean? : Coverage

As a newly approved Lloyd’s Syndicate, we are able to underwrite our own microinsurance coverages. So what does ‘Coverage’ mean here at MIC Global?


Our coverage is there for when unfortunate events happen. We put money back in your customer’s pockets so they can quickly return to living their lives; whether it’s money to recover from water damage or giving your customers a lump sum payment towards unexpected medical bills as part of your credit card membership, embedded coverage benefits both our B2B customers and their customers alike.

Illustration of thief stealing package from front door
Illustration patient in hospital bed with nurse

Coverage is the amount of risk or liability covered by a policy or plan.

It looks different depending on the partnering business and what is being covered.

Illustration person building cabinet
Illustration doctor with patient with bandaged leg

We work with our B2B partners to create innovative products and services that can be embedded seamlessly into their existing digital processes.

Embedded microinsurance allows platform businesses to offer additional value to their customers by providing relevant and easy-to-understand coverage at the exact time they need it.

Illustration Two mobile phones, one with cracked screen
Illustration of people working server and making claims on devices

We put money in people’s pockets by helping our platform partners support their customers. Our coverages are handled with our low-code technology, which includes advanced machine learning algorithms to speed up the claims process, getting people paid fast so that they can focus on recovery.

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