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Virtual Wallet Provider grows sign-ups, renewals, and cross sales

Historically, the Philippines has been a cash-based economy. People did not have bank accounts because the majority work in the informal sector, lack identification, and don’t have a social security code.

We recently partnered with a virtual wallet provider who offer a digital bank account app linked to a mobile network, to create in-app insurance solutions in order to differentiate them from their competition.

Illustration of Hands exchanging money and mobile phone with Virtual Wallet Provider app
Illustration of Mobile phones with different symbols on screen


As mobile wallets grew in popularity in the Philippines, our client gained dozens of competitors. Therefore, they needed a way to differentiate themselves.

Illustration of Virtual Wallet Provider callcenter staff speaking to person on phone


We designed an SMS based digital channel for direct enrollment and established an outbound call center in the Philippines to assist customers with enrollment, claim support, receiving payouts, etc.

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