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Navigating Daily Disruptions: How MiIncident Supports Customers When Life Happens

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Update March 2024: Our MiIncident triggers are now part of MiIncome.

Life is a journey full of surprises, adventures, and unforeseen challenges. Every day, we encounter a myriad of risks. Many of these risks are minor disruptions that hinder our day, creating problems to solve that we hadn’t accounted for, though some can cause major setbacks. It could be a delayed flight, a damaged mobile phone, or in worse cases a natural disaster – the reality is that disruptions are an inherent and unavoidable part of life.

Understanding the daily risks we face enables us to plan for accidents and eventualities beyond our control, helping to mitigate the financial impact and inconvenience caused by unexpected incidents. However, this task often proves to be more challenging than anticipated, particularly when it comes to emerging risks that lack appropriate coverage options – leaving us to make reparations when incidents occur.

How can your company help customers with everyday risks?

Introducing MiIncident

We have developed the MiIncident digital reinsurance solution, a suite of event-based triggers that protect people’s property and possessions, and against daily disruptions. The suite includes Travel Inconvenience, Gadget, Sensor, Porch, and Mobility, with each designed to provide lump-sum reimbursements to individuals who are affected by incidents beyond their control.

MiIncident differentiates your company or service by enabling you to offer timely opt-in coverages to customers. For example, while purchasing a smart doorbell device, a MiIncident program can be offered to replace packages in the event of porch piracy (theft). Whatever your line of business and your customers require, MiIncident can be customized to cater to your specific demographic, desired coverages, or program size. We collaborate with you to ensure that MiIncident is efficiently delivered to your business and the customers within your market.

Your company + MiIncident

MiIncident is an embedded micro insurance product that is implemented into your company’s existing digital platform or service – typically embedded into warranty products, finance products, and guarantees. With a MiIncident program as part of your company’s digital offering, customers are encouraged to opt-in to applicable coverages during the purchase journey, when it’s most relevant for them to consider. MiIncident can also be included as an integral part of a product or service itself, for example within an IoT device service warranty.

The possibilities for incident protection are endless and MiIncident enables this popular product category – delivering useful coverages for everyday risks. When an enrolled customer is affected by a covered incident, they can claim benefits directly from your company’s app or website. Through an integrated API connection, our MIC machine receives customer claim requests for efficient automated handling. Our AI-powered claims process evaluates and investigates the claim details, ultimately making a quick settlement decision* before sending funds to our local insurance partner. This effective process ensures that you can help your customers with funds in their bank account within a matter of hours – allowing them to focus on solving their problem without worrying about the financial implications.

Including MiIncident in your company’s service or product demonstrates to your customers your long-term commitment to their purchase decision. Whether it’s a shattered phone screen, catastrophic weather event, or lost luggage (to name a few!), MiIncident coverages reassure customers that when faced with inconvenience, your company will be there to provide a helping hand – boosting customer satisfaction and brand trust.

MiIncident Triggers

The MiIncident suite consists of six triggers, which are used to create your company’s incident protection program. Each trigger has been developed to cover specific circumstances that impact individual’s lives. These triggers are designed to complement each other, for example a Gadget program could be combined with elements of Travel Inconvenience to offer additional coverage in the event of laptop damage as a direct result of rough baggage handling.

Travel Inconvenience supports travellers in the event of disruption beyond their control that incurs unaccounted for financial outgoing. This could be a delayed flight where an individual needs to buy food while waiting, lost and delayed luggage after a journey that causes a missed connection. In the event of disruption and incurred cost, customers are reimbursed with inconvenience payments to put toward dealing with the situation. Read about Travel Inconvenience.

Gadget covers accidental damage to tech product components, unexpected mechanical breakdown, extended warranty, and theft. We protect a wide range of tech products including mobile phones, point of sale (POS) devices, IoT devices, cameras, drones, sports equipment – and we’re always open to discussing more tech categories! The Gadget trigger provides payments that can be put towards repair or replacement of covered products so that people can get back to using their gadgets as required. Read about Gadget.

Sensor is a warranty coverage linked to IoT sensor devices. Sensor is embedded in the service warranty of specialised devices for monitoring water leakage unrelated to weather events, providing reimbursement for water damage and loss for protected buildings. With the influx of flow and leak detecting IoT sensors for various applications – such as gas flow, electrical current, and pressure sensors – the Sensor trigger can be adapted to meet the requirements of your market.

Porch Package Piracy is a service guarantee that can be embedded into IoT devices such as security cameras and smart doorbells. If a package is left within sight of a covered device and consequently stolen, subscribed customers can claim for reimbursement to pay for replacing the package. With people’s shopping habits increasingly moving online, package deliveries on porches have quickly become a common sight. In response, the Porch Package Piracy trigger is designed to mitigate the risks of packages left in insecure locations. Read about Porch Package Piracy.

Mobility is there for drivers and vehicle companies when they are faced with disruption. Whether a damaged vehicle needs quick repair, a vehicle is targeted and parts stolen, or the vehicle itself is stolen – the Mobility trigger enables quick payments to get drivers back on the road.

Tell me more about MiIncident

To learn more about MiIncident, visit our product page and get in touch with us below or via our contact form to discuss how we can help enhance your business’ customer support benefits.

* 80% of claims turned around within 48 hours, May–Dec 2023.