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Bangalore, India

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About Micology

Micology is part of the MIC Global, a full-stack digital insurance company.  Micology is the creator of the MiConnect platform.

MiConnect is a Low-code platform. It is able to produce software solutions for organisations, typically around process management, around 10 times faster than traditional development methods and at about 10% of the cost. The resulting solution is very high quality, based on the MiConnect toolkit of over 100+ tried and tested functional software components (or ‘nodes’). In addition, MiConnect is designed to be easily and quickly changed/updated, meaning that the software is able to evolve with an organisation and/or marketplace.

MICology was established in 2011 and is based in Ipswich, Suffolk with 25 employees across various disciplines. These include a number of trained Business Analysts who work with clients and potential clients to clearly define and manage operational processes.

Micology prides itself on being a professional technology services organisation with the highest standards of customer service.

About the MiConnect Low-code platform

Low-code platforms are an evolution of a development trend that has been ongoing for 30 years; in practical terms it is the logical next stage after the introduction of RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms in the 1990s/2000s. The benefit of the Low-code platforms compared to traditional development is the speed/cost of solution delivery; the high quality of the solution provided; and the ‘designed to be changed’ element allowing for much lower ongoing maintenance costs.

MiConnect can be deployed in either Cloud (MS Azure) or physical server environments.

MiConnect Solutions

MiConnect, in its generic form, can implement a solution for any organisational process. These range from ‘price list management’, through to ‘customer onboarding in a regulatory environment’, to ‘loan application management’ and almost any other different process.

Occasionally Micology comes across an area of functionality which can be further developed into what is essentially a packaged MiConnect Solution; this is where LEAP comes pre-configured around a more specific organisational process.

An example of this is the Complaints handling process.

Micology has delivered a number of MiConnect complaints systems to clients, and as such now has a ‘vanilla’ complaints configuration that it can supply to other organisations. This means that a client looking to implement a complaints process using MiConnect has 80% of the work already done in advance.  And the client gets all the advantages of a pre-built platform, combined with the flexibility of a bespoke system tailored to the exact needs of their own organisation.

MICology Project Management Methodology

MICology use Agile methodologies that are strongly focused on delivery. We break down project delivery into easily identified deliverables that can be designed, estimated, built, tested, and released in quick succession.

We operate in Agile Delivery Cells (ADC) usually consisting of a variety of technical skills covering management, design, build, test, and deployment. The relative composition of each ADC will depend on the types of projects being delivered. Typically, an ADC will have three live projects at any one time – one in design phase, another in build and one in the test phase; thus utilising the whole spectrum of resource. Live projects will usually make up multiple parts of a single work stream.

Typically, each ADC will have a dedicated project management resource.

Or culture and philosophy is about Delivery, Right First Time. The reality of development is that defects occur during the process. Our methodology recognizes these are expensive and detrimental to performance.

Our aim is transparent reporting of build: fix ratios in terms of time. We also utilise test scripts that provide a numeric pass score on a one test per atomic requirement – our aim is to evolve each ACD’s performance to deliver 95%+ first iteration pass with a single iteration of fix to deliver 100% pass. This quality performance should be delivered within a productivity framework that always delivers commercial competitiveness.

 Customer (internal or external) eXperience (CX) is about delivering new functionality and solutions in a timely manner and keeping promises made. A key facet of the project managers role within this environment is monitoring progress and keeping customers up to date on progress. Make Commitments, Keep Commitments, Be Transparent.

Role Description

You will be responsible for driving and managing software projects to deliver efficiency, insight and value to our clients.  You will work pro-actively alongside stakeholders and shape roadmaps to deliver various sized projects and implementations and dealing with multiple global teams.  You will demonstrate expertise and functional experience in business transformation, programme/project management and change management, to help clients achieve project goals.  You will be responsible for managing and implementing both internal and client projects.  Successful management will include collaboration with the ICE Team, determining solutions that address client and internal challenges and driving delivery within defined timeframes.


  • Being transparent and keeping project stakeholder updated frequently.
  • Ensuring data about project key performance indicators is collected and communicated.
  • Analysing work streams and splitting them into multiple Agile deliverables
  • Agreeing project objectives and scope
  • Agreeing the timescales, costs and resources needed
  • Drawing up a detailed plan and schedule for each stage of the project.
  • Selecting and obtaining approval to allocate resources.
  • Run project meetings with internal and external project teams and suppliers.
  • Provision of regular status reports on project progress to the Partners and management team.
  • Organisation and forward planning of the various assigned resources.
  • Maintaining a risk and issue register to avoid project slippage.
  • Ensuring (and highlighting) that at each stage projects are progressing on time, on budget and to the right quality standards.
  • Complete projects debrief, financial outcome analysis and lessons learned sessions.

You’ll also get a chance to be part of:

🌍 Global team expansion: Building up a world-class team of talented and passionate people.


  • A highly skilled and self-motivated commercially minded Project Manager with significant experience working in professional services environments managing both small and large projects for internal and external stakeholders.
  • High competence levels in essential delivery tools (Clubhouse, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • You are experienced in working with external clients and have strong client management and stakeholder management tools.
  • You are used to working under pressure. You are proactive, show resolve and adapt to evolving situations.
  • You have a can-do attitude and don’t mind rolling your sleeves up and doing what needs to be done to get the project delivered.

Generic Competencies

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Planning and organisation
  • Results focus
  • Client focus
  • Problem solving and diagnostic skills
  • Quality focus
  • Energetic, Enthusiastic with a Curious mind
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

Bonus points:

  • Project Management Qualification


  • 24 days holiday.
  • Share Option Scheme – through Presidents Award
  • You will be working for a Company that has talented colleagues and has a passionate focused culture.
  • Extensive possibility for growth and professional development
  • Continuously improving client project delivery processes and tools.


Bangalore, India