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Not Your Average Corporate Statement About Values

MIC Yin Yan Illustration

At MIC Global, we believe in a workplace where people don’t have to water down who they are. The diversity of our team is what gives us the capacity to challenge the norm and push past the boundaries of groupthink. Diversity to us is the differences of individuals – different races, genders, ages, backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities.

We provide a space where the women and men who work at MIC are encouraged to share both their masculine and feminine sides. We believe both vulnerability and assertiveness are important qualities in the workplace. We dispel the stereotypes that women being aggressive are bossy or that men showing emotion are weak. It takes strength and courage for a person of any gender to speak up and show emotion.

We know that success requires the Yin and Yang – a combination of both the right and left-brained… the creatives and the number crunchers… the introverts and the extroverts. It’s a delicate balance – but always tilted towards resolution and moving forward.

The reason we’re able to create great insurance products for people living in Accra, Ghana is the same reason we’re able to create effective insurance products for gig workers living in New York City – because we have members of our team who live in both places. We have people from MIC who are physically on the ground in 5 continents, immersed in the everyday life of the regions. They understand people’s needs and the risks they face.

We share our values with you in hopes that you can understand a little bit more about who we are and what we stand for. We are working hard to build a global safety net so that we can expand our whole-hearted belief in inclusion for everyone. Diversity is magic.