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Micro premium collection technology solution. For telcos and insurance.

Billing made simple. MicroPay collects daily micro premiums from your customer’s airtime wallets, making affordable insurance even more accessible. MicroPay seamlessly adjusts policy limits on collection, ensuring customers are covered for what they can afford.

Daily micro premium collection.

MicroPay automatically collects policy premiums from customers’ airtime wallets.

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Proportional limit adjustment.

If a customer has insufficient airtime balance for their full premium to be collected, MicroPay adjusts their policy limit based on what they can afford.

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Ensured coverage.

Customers remain covered without lapse for their adjusted limit.

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Tangible benefits for customers, telcos, and insurance companies.

  • Customers stay covered with affordability-based limits.
  • Operational cost savings with significant reduction in rate of policy lapse.
  • Reacquisition costs reduced as customer policies stay active.
  • Measurable improvements in program efficiency and acquisition gain.
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Let’s talk about MicroPay.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together to support your customers with simple premium collection. Simply send us your email.