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MIC Global collaborates with Experian to bolster its MiIdentity product in India

MIC Global and Experian logos

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES (Dec. 20, 2023) – MIC Global has entered a service level collaboration with Experian to strengthen the dark web and credit bureau monitoring service within MIC’s MiIdentity platform. MiIdentity is set to launch in India, bringing robust digital identity monitoring to individuals in the country’s rapidly growing online population.

MiIdentity is MIC’s proactive digital identity monitoring and insurance platform. The MiIdentity platform offers real-time dark web and credit bureau tracking, sending registered users alerts when their compromised data or suspicious financial activity is discovered. MiIdentity’s Digital Identity insurance component (provided as digital reinsurance via insurance platform partners) offers cover when individuals suffer a financial loss due compromised identity or financial data and documentation. In collaboration with Experian, Indian users can expect industry leading data monitoring, helping them to keep their data secure and maintained.

Experian is an international data analytics and consumer credit reporting company. The company’s core offerings include credit reporting, scoring models, and identity protection services, which empower businesses to assess creditworthiness and consumers to manage their financial well-being. Experian’s identity tracking expertise drives value and sets new standards in safeguarding digital identities, ensuring a secure and resilient online environment.

About MIC Global:

MIC Global is a full stack digital microinsurance company that provides embedded microinsurance for today’s digital world. MIC Global combines insurance capacity, in-country insurance licenses, world class distribution, and scalable tech. MIC Global creates embedded microinsurance solutions for platform companies that adds value by enhancing their brand, differentiating their product, driving up revenue, and attracting and retaining customers.

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About Experian:

Experian is a global information services company that specializes in providing data and analytics solutions to assist businesses and individuals in making informed financial decisions. With a presence in 37 countries, Experian plays a crucial role in the financial ecosystem by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data related to credit history, identity verification, fraud detection, and more.

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