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Lead RPA Business Analyst

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Bangalore, India

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Minimum Experience:
3 years +

Basic Purpose and Function

  • Acting as a bridge between the Technology Team and the Business the BA function engages with all levels of the organisation in order to draw out an accurate, understandable and presentable picture of current business processes and practice, clearly documenting ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ states as appropriate.
  • Supported by the Lead BA and working closely with the Project Manager and subject matter experts across the business you will help to identify change needs in respect of allocated projects, assess the impact of those changes, capturing, analysing and documenting functional and non-functional requirements and testing requirements.
  • You will also be involved in the creation of effective solutions to meet identified needs, whilst developing your knowledge and experience of both the business and importantly business analysis tools and methodologies.

Key Tasks

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of business analysis techniques and be able to apply this knowledge appropriately to a broad range of projects of change initiatives.
  • Gather relevant information from business and technical sources using the most appropriate techniques for the project and translate this into clear documentation.
  • Accurately estimate the work involved in delivering documentation and deliver to agreed timings.
  • Review and analyse existing business processes in order to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Provide business representation on both internal and external related change.
  • Reflect information gathered in clear, concise and accurate documentation that ensures effective understanding for the intended audience.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to secure agreement to documented functionality and design including formal sign off.
  • Ensure that relevant regulatory requirements eg: FCA rules and principles, DPA and AML regulations are adhered to during project or change development by consulting with the relevant subject matter experts with the business as appropriate.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience


  • 3 years + of working in the Financial and or Insurance industry
  • Strong skills in Business Analysis, process mapping and user journeys
  • Experience of implementing regulatory projects within insurance or financial projects
  • Confident with Visio or similar visualization tool.

Generic Competencies

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Planning and organisation
  • Results focus
  • Client focus
  • Problem solving and diagnostic skills
  • Quality focus
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

About MICology

MICology is part of MIC Global, a full-stack digital insurance company.  MICology is the creator of the MiConnect platform.

MiConnect is a Low-code platform. It is able to produce software solutions for organisations, typically around process management, around 10 times faster than traditional development methods and at about 10% of the cost. The resulting solution is very high quality, based on the MiConnect toolkit of over 100+ tried and tested functional software components (or ‘nodes’). In addition, MiConnect is designed to be easily and quickly changed/updated, meaning that the software is able to evolve with an organisation and/or marketplace.

MICology was established in 2011 and is based in Ipswich, Suffolk with 25 employees across various disciplines. These include a number of trained Business Analysts who work with clients and potential clients to clearly define and manage operational processes.

MICology prides itself on being a professional technology services organisation with the highest standards of customer service.

About the MiConnect Low-code platform

Low-code platforms are an evolution of a development trend that has been ongoing for 30 years; in practical terms it is the logical next stage after the introduction of RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms in the 1990s/2000s. The benefit of the Low-code platforms compared to traditional development is the speed/cost of solution delivery; the high quality of the solution provided; and the ‘designed to be changed’ element allowing for much lower ongoing maintenance costs.

MiConnect can be deployed in either Cloud (MS Azure) or physical server environments.

MiConnect Solutions

MiConnect, in its generic form, can implement a solution for any organisational process. These range from ‘price list management’, through to ‘customer onboarding in a regulatory environment’, to ‘loan application management’ and almost any other different process.

Occasionally MICology comes across an area of functionality which can be further developed into what is essentially a packaged MiConnect Solution; this is where MiConnect comes pre-configured around a more specific organisational process.

An example of this is the Complaints handling process.

MICology has delivered a number of MiConnect complaints systems to clients, and as such now has a ‘vanilla’ complaints configuration that it can supply to other organisations. This means that a client looking to implement a complaints process using MiConnect has 80% of the work already done in advance.  And the client gets all the advantages of a pre-built platform, combined with the flexibility of a bespoke system tailored to the exact needs of their own organisation.


Bangalore, India