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Jamie Crystal, CEO & Co-Founder: MIC Global: Simple Micro Insurance for Everyday Risks [InsTech Podcast, Episode 282]

Ever wondered what MIC do? Why we do it? And how we are simplifying the insurance process? We have the podcast for you!

This insightful half hour gives you all you need to know about MIC for 2024!

Our CEO and Co-Founder Jamie Crystal features on InsTech‘s first podcast of 2024, joining Matthew Grant as they examine embedded micro insurance, dive into MIC as a company, and discuss our vision for insuring individuals with simple digital reinsurance products that protect their everyday risks. (28m 47s).

Key talking points include:

  • Understanding the concept of microinsurance
  • The problem MIC is solving – access to affordable products
  • The role of embedded insurance
  • The future of MIC and the insurance industry
  • Closing the insurance protection gap

Visit Instech’s podcast page for more information.

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