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Hacking With a Pringles Tube, Remember?

Pringles tube on table

Do you remember when the news was hacking wireless networks with a Pringles tube?

Back in the mid 2000’s empty cans of Pringles crisps could be helping malicious hackers spot wireless networks that are open to attack. A security company, i-sec, demonstrated that a directional antenna made with a Pringles can significantly improves the chances of finding the wireless computer networks being used in London’s financial district, at the time the informal survey carried out by i-sec using the homemade antenna found that over two-thirds of networks were doing nothing to protect themselves.

Jump on 10 years and what do we have today?

Drones! We have a drone being used in hacking, WIRED has a great story on how it works. The ability to compromise a ‘air-gapped’ computer, the safeguard of separating highly sensitive computer systems from the internet to quarantine them from hackers.

A group of researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel cybersecurity lab has devised a method to defeat “air gap” computers.

This video shows the drone taking off from a car park.

In ten years or so we have moved from a hacking with Pringles Tube to a Drone – this shows amazing progress!!