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Complete activities. Earn points. Get covered.

A new way to purchase insurance and manage risk. Reward your customers for interacting with your products and services by protecting their wellbeing.

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Reward customer activity. Boost positive user behaviour.

Coverpoint encourages the activities that strengthen your platform.

Motivate drivers to accept rides and gain 4+ reviews. Give points to bank account holders for deposits and transactions. Reward fitness wearable users for exercise minutes and reaching health goals. Drive the behaviours that matter to your platform.

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Right cover, right time.

Customer choice is key. They choose their policies. How much cover is required. What benefits they need. When the policy needs to be active or inactive. The power of policy management is in the customer’s hands.

Cover + Points = Protection.

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An all-in-one service.

A marketplace to purchase policies. Coverpoint provides a platform to manage those policies and the opportunity to distribute premium across multiple policies. It’s all in their hands.

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Reward your customers. Protect their wellbeing. Increase brand stickiness. Close protection gaps.

Not enough people have a financial safety net to bounce back when life happens.

Coverpoint changes that. Simple insurance policies, earned through daily activity. Giving people the protection they need, when they need it.

Coverpoint encourages your customers to interact with your platform through the gamification of insurance. Once they’re reaping the benefits, they’re incentivised to stick around.

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Let’s talk about Coverpoint.

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