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Claim Story: Michael Jilio Koffas – BBOXX Hospicash Insurance

Michael Jilio Koffas, Bboxx logo

Michael Jilio Koffa, aged 34 years, is an hardworking man who resides at Hola in Tana River County. He is married to his dear wife,Tabitha and together they are blessed with four children. Michael is outgoing and sociable person and he considers himself as a very enthusiastic and self-driven in areas of positive energy. “I love meeting and engaging with new people and serving the community around me” he declares.

Michael happily works with BBOXX Capital, He is a sales agent and his role involves selling pay-as-you-go solar home systems, providing utility services such as clean cooking solutions, smartphones, and solar powered water-pumps. As a way to motivate the agents, BBOXX through partnering with MIC Global offers an hospitalization insurance benefit dubbed “Income Protection” for all agents as a free offer based on their good performance.

Tana River County, where Michael resides, is a common zone for wild animals. As Michael was walking through the field one evening in the month of March, 2022, elephants spotted him, ran after him and he ended up getting serious chest pain from the run. On 10th March 2022, Michael was taken to Hola County Referral hospital where he got admitted for four nights. Due to his good performance at BBOXX, he had been awarded a hospitalization insurance benefit at a bronze level. This meant that for every night admitted in hospital, Michael qualified for Kshs.500 cash benefit.

Michael reported his claim to MIC Global through BBOXX administration agent and he was advised of the necessary documents required. He was able to submit the requirements on time and in a period of two working days, his claim benefit worthy Kshs.2000 was paid. Michael was elated to receive the cash amount.

“I consider BBOXX as my second home. This is because I earn my living through them and they do care for us as their sales agents. I would choose BBOXX anytime as my employer since I can work for them without worrying of the needs I have no control over. As an agent, the Hospicash cover is a motivation to me to work hard and I believe that my story will inspire my fellow colleagues and customers to believe in BBOXX and the great products they are offering.”

– Michael Jilio Koffa
Michael Jilio Koffa
Michael Jilio Koffa at BBOXX office

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