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Claim Story: Mawulorm Hlomey – Vodafone

Mawulorm Hlomey Story Vodafone logo

Mr. Mawulorm Hlomey (pictured) has been a Vodafone Subscriber for the past four years. He is a taxi driver living in Ho, in the Volta Region with his wife and 3 children.

Mawulorm first signed up for SafeNet Free Insurance after receiving an SMS on the product sometime last year. He did not believe the existence of the product from the start however he decided to try it.

He later received a call from a Call Center Agent to brief him on the Paid version of the product. He then signed up for the Gold plan which meant he would pay only GHS 16 in monthly premiums to get so much in benefits, including Life Cover, Hospicash Cover, and Accidental Permanent Disability Cover.

Since the product allows a Subscriber to include one family member; Mr. Hlomey added his father, Noah Hlomey, as his family member.

Unfortunately on 7th of June 2022, his father suffered a stroke while at home and died shortly after.

After the occurrence he had forgotten he had a policy. He only remembered upon his next monthly deduction.

He reported the death of his father to MicroEnsure (now MIC Global) on the 17th of June 2022. He subsequently submitted the relevant documents 3 days later and received his claim payment of GHS 3,000 from Enterprise Life and Prudential Life facilitated by MicroEnsure on the 27th of June 2022.

In giving his account, Mawulorm says this was his first policy and would describe it as a good policy for everyone.

Following his experience, he spoken to many of his friends to build awareness of the available insurance and encourage them to buy a Vodafone SIM to sign up. Meanwhile, he plans to buy a SIM for his wife to also sign up.

Photograph of Mawulorm Hlomey

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Vodafone SafeNet Free Insurance is underwritten by Enterprise Life and Prudential Life, and powered by MIC Global.