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Claim Story: Becky Guloba Egesa – HAVA

Becky Guloba Egesa

Becky Guloba Egesa (pictured above) is a hardworking lady aged 31 and a mother of one beautiful girl. Becky is happily married and together with her family they reside in Kahawa west, Nairobi, Kenya. She enjoys blogging, learning new things on YouTube, adventures and listening to music. She is also a strong Christian and spends part of her time engaging in church activities.

Becky works as a key account specialist with Burotime Kenya, a leading office furniture manufacturer in Kenya and other countries. BuroTime is also one of the corporate clients for HAVA, an upcoming ride hailing company based in Kenya offering online and affordable transportation across major cities and towns in Kenya. On 19th October 2021, Becky took a corporate trip from Nairobi CBD to Ruiru town to see her client. About 15 minutes into the trip, as Becky’s cab was driving through the busy streets of Nairobi, an unknown person broke through the cab’s window, snatched Becky’s phone and disappeared into the streets leaving Becky and the driver in the traffic jam helpless.

“I was totally shocked, I did not expect this to happen and it was terrifying. I was confused and psychologically tortured. I needed to call my client to confirm his location and losing the phone left me helpless.’’

Becky calmed herself and requested the driver to take her to the nearest police station in order to report the matter. Becky had witnessed her friend who had lost her phone in a similar way and the thief used the phone to conduct a crime. This led to Becky’s friend being jailed. She reported the incident to Pangani Police Station where she was issued with a police OB number. With the help of her driver, she was able to reach out to HAVA, explained the incident and got a trip code to end the ride.

Becky mentions that HAVA is a caring company who are always available for their customers. She was happy to be informed that her trip was insured and she could launch a claim and her phone would be compensated. Following the instructions, Becky notified MIC Global, the insurance partner offering insurance services for HAVA trips, of the incident. A few days later, Becky received a call from the insurer and her claim was processed within two days where she received Kshs.10, 925 as the value of her lost phone.

‘’I am happy about HAVA as they are always available for their customers. Whenever we have issues with the app, they usually resolve it fast and their rates are fair. I’m grateful for their insurance services. The claims process is seamless and claims are paid within a very short period. I launched my claim through email, shared my documents and my compensation was processed without being asked to visit the office or present physical documents and this was very efficient.’’

Becky advises her friends, colleagues and family to join HAVA because it is the only caring ride hailing company in Kenya. Also, they are easily accessible, fair rates and have other added benefits like the insurance benefits that cover the riders in case of loss of life, hospitalization, accident or asset loss during the ride.

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