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Augmented Insurance – the New AI?

Laptop user with AI concept

We hear the fear in people’s voices when we mention AI and ML, blue collar jobs going, eating into white collar jobs, autonomous cars, lorries, taxis.

The fear is what will we all be doing with our time? How will we earn money? Will we hear ‘they took our jobs….’ But this time it’s not some other country – it’s tech soaking up work like blotting paper. This ‘fear’ could even be hampering adoption of even the most basic AI and ML.

However, the truth is that things like autonomous cars will take time to fully come about, in a recent article in the WSJ it pointed to augmenting drivers in the here and now. Using the best AI tech, implemented in human-driven cars, to augment the human driver to reduce or even nearly eliminate road deaths in the USA as the quickest benefit. This could be the real competition to Autonomous cars, Human Augmented Driven Cars.

That could have huge implications for the fortunes of companies like Tesla. It could also spell doom for companies such as Uber and Lyft, which aren’t yet profitable and might not be until they can cut out their high human costs—that is, removing drivers from vehicles.

I think there will be a mix of driverless and human augmented cars. In the confines of a city, all the sensors and additional tech needed to support fully driverless cars could be implemented and hence I keep coming across this term, and we use it within our tech pitches, Augmented. Human and tech is deliverable, today.

All this doom and gloom for tech companies won’t come about. The issue is we do not want to be driving in cities and towns, we don’t want to be doing repetitive jobs, convenience has a value. Over time there will be a transition. The AI Augmented Human will take many forms and will be stiff completion for robots.

For insurance we use the term Augmented Insurance, this is AI for insurance. Adding AI Tech into a process and making the humans better. Adding AI Tech to human process is the way to improve, to offer new services, do better customer services and provide an overall better user experience.

I believe in insurance on-demand, insurance as a service, matching usage with payment. These can only be provided with AI and ML.

At MIC Global we are focused on changing the way insurance is developed and processed. We are insurance with AI built in, a digital/ augmented insurance company. We are in the forefront of that change; developing policies by the season, job, by the hour, by the day and by the Km, fitting our model to that of the platforms and the way small and micro businesses see risk. We are unbundling business policies so that the cover offered fits with peoples and business needs or the actual job or process being undertaken. Making Business Insurance transactional, the digital insurer for the new economy.