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Embedded Micro Insurance for a Digital World.

We are a full stack micro insurance provider. Purpose-built to design and deliver embedded parametric micro insurance solutions to platform companies.

Our Solution.

A full stack micro insurance service combining innovative short-term loss of income products, underwriting capacity, advanced technology, and global distribution. Making insurance more accessible for new, emerging, and underserved everyday risks.

Simple and Relevant Micro Insurance Products.

MiIncome is designed to cover individual loss of income when earning is disrupted or unexpected monetary outlay occurs. Its triggers (coverages) are tailored to the unique needs of diverse communities, laying the foundation for trust and relevance.

Graphic depicting MIC M icon inside circle, surrounded by six MiIncome trigger icons

Innovative Underwriting.

Our meticulous underwriting process, brought in-house through our Lloyd’s Syndicate 5183 and MIC Re, ensures both long-term sustainability and optimum premiums for end-customers. Backed by Lloyd’s AA- credit ratings.

Underwriting icon inside circle, surrounded by eight symbols related to underwriting practice

Advanced Technology. Built for Scale and Speed.

Our cutting-edge technology transforms the insurance and claims process, streamlining operations and improving user experiences. We integrate with your ecosystem via API for fast, seamless claims handling and premium collection.

Graphic depicting a cog with letters API in centre, with a mobile phone and laptop on left, and server on right.

Global Distribution through Local Insurance Partnerships.

Our global distribution network ensures that these valuable services reach the farthest corners, leaving no-one beyond the reach of security.

Illustration globe with dot satellites